How to satisfy a woman in bed

how to satisfy a woman in bed

Not everyone uses these simple tips. Be special!

Find out wishes

Every woman needs something different for an orgasm, but not everyone is comfortable talking about it to a partner. So don’t try to guess if you can find out directly. She definitely knows this better than anyone, so just asking is enough. For example, what positions she prefers, where she should be touched, and where she should not be, and so on.

Even if she really liked something last time, this does not mean that she always wants it, because the mood also changes. So feel free to clarify.

Take care of the atmosphere

Clutter in the room can kill desire no worse than bad breath. A potential partner may simply disdain to lie down on soiled sheets or a stained sofa. Of course, it is not necessary to polish the chandelier before the girl arrives, but it is better that the debris does not peek out from all surfaces.

Make time for foreplay

Foreplay increases arousal, causes blood flow to the genitals and increases the amount of lubrication. Thanks to this, sex becomes brighter and better. Therefore, do not skip an important step if you want to be remembered by your partner.

Sex is not a sprint. If orgasm was the only meaning of sex, then people would long ago have been doing it only with special toys.

This does not mean that foreplay should last for hours (although why not). Sometimes a few minutes of kissing or light petting is enough to set the right mood.

Don’t try to use scripts from porn

Real sex is not at all like erotic or porn movies, so you don’t need to take movie scripts as a guide. Neither you nor your partner will be able to repeat what you see on the screen and get as much pleasure as it is shown there, so do not try to be a director in bed, but focus on mutual pleasure.

how to satisfy a woman in bedDon’t forget about safety

Many people are unable to relax because of the fear of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, you should not persuade your partner to refuse a condom, because you do not like it. Don’t act surprised when it comes up, and don’t try to get rid of it in the process. At such moments, the session of love simply ends.

Add Passion and Enthusiasm

If you want to kindle passion in a partner, you need to be involved yourself. If a woman considers your mood, then she will be more liberated. Especially enthusiasm will come in handy during cunnilingus or penetration.

Think beyond your orgasm

Sex should not end after a man’s orgasm. Although porn teaches us this, but a rare woman ends only from penetration. If you’ve already finished, don’t forget your fingers, toys, or tongue.

A woman is not your hand or a masturbator. You can’t use her body to satisfy your needs and then roll over on the other side, assuming she had a great time too.

If you are not capable of anything after, take care of her pleasure before your finish. After all, if you know for sure that you will get yours, don’t you want your partner to feel good too?

Make time for your partner after sex

This period is very important for the perception of the whole date. Couples who hug, talk, shower together, or otherwise interact with each other immediately after sex report greater satisfaction with their sex life and relationships in general. Do not immediately turn away or leave, stay with your partner for a while.

Masturbation Techniques to Help Make Fondling More Pleasant

Take your time and don’t be afraid to try new things.


Masturbation techniques can help you explore your body as well as bring new pleasurable sensations. We talk about several ways to diversify the pleasure.

Techniques for external stimulation 

caress the vulva

Despite the fact that the head of the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the organ, it is not necessary to immediately stimulate it during masturbation. Representatives of the educational project Kimkly advise you to first try to caress the vulva, not concentrating only on the clitoris. 

The vulva consists of the lower pubis, the labia majora and minor, the head of the clitoris, the urethra , and the entrance to the vagina. All these areas can be caressed: stroke with your fingertips, make circular movements, slowly increasing the intensity. You can also use the inside of your hand and massage sensitive areas with it.

Move inside slowly

Representatives of Kinkly recommend moving towards the clitoris gradually and not linger on it. For example, run your hand from the lower abdomen or thigh to the head and back. Stroking should be light, so you need to touch the skin with your fingertips. 

After that, you can linger with your fingers on the clitoris. However, the touch should be light and teasing. As soon as you feel that the arousal intensifies, you can make the touch more intense and rhythmic and start caressing the clitoris. 

Stimulate the area around the head of the clitoris

Sex educator Jess Wilde advises to “draw” circles around the clitoris with your fingers. You can change their radius and intensity. According to the expert, this technique is good for women whose clitoris is too sensitive and for whom direct stimulation does not bring proper pleasure.

Sex educator Kate Canfield suggests starting with caressing the labia. You need to run your fingers over them, moving along the sides of the clitoris towards the entrance to the vagina and back. According to the specialist, this is how the blood rushes to the organs and the excitement increases.

Techniques for internal stimulation 

Use your fingers 

If you like internal stimulation, you can work your fingers on the body of the clitoris from the inside. Sex educator Luna Matathas suggests inserting your finger about five centimeters into your vagina to get to the area where you feel most comfortable caressing yourself. 

After that, you need to stimulate the anterior wall of the vagina with your fingertip, stroking it. You can change the pressure, speed and add more fingers. 

Here are a few movements that can be applied during masturbation: 

Circular movements of the finger inside. This will stimulate the area at the entrance to the vagina. 

“come here” movement. To do this, gently stroke the vaginal wall with your fingertips. 

consecutive stimulation. Caress the vaginal wall with your fingers, and then move them to the clitoris and stroke it. 

double stimulation. Caress the vaginal wall, and use your thumb or the inside of your hand to stimulate the head of the clitoris or vulva. 

Try Deeper Stimulation

Some women may also enjoy deep stimulation. According to Luna Matatas, to do this, you need to stick your fingers deeper and stimulate the upper part of the vagina. You need to find a zone where the touch will be pleasant, and stimulate it with your fingers. You can also help yourself by moving your hips. 

For convenience, during practice, you can pull your knees to your chest. So the entrance to the vagina will be more accessible, and the penetration deeper.  

Experiment with sex toys

Sex toys themselves can diversify masturbation. However, they can be combined with finger stimulation. Sexologist Carol Quinn says that using your hands along with masturbation is a great way to learn more about your sensations and body. 

So, a classic vibrator can be used for penetration, and the head of the clitoris can be stimulated with a free hand. Or use a vacuum sex toy to act from the outside, and caress the wall of the vagina with your fingers. 

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