Female Martial Arts

Established in 1976 by federal military arts champion Michael Dillard, Century started as a one-man process. His parents garage was this manufacturing store. His truck cost his showroom. He travelled all across this nation competing on this mat at tournaments and trading uniforms from his truck in the parking lot. If he sold enough uniforms to give it, he remained at the motel. If not, he slept at his truck. There were some years of conflicts. But this did not discourage Mr. Dillard. Having gained black belts in some fashions over the years, he recognized that success involves commitment and hard work.

Although this term military art has become linked with the fight arts of East Asia, it earlier related to the fighting organizations of Europe as early as the 1550s. This period is derived from Latin and means “ disciplines of Mars s”, the Italian God of warfare. Some writers have argued that defending arts or opposing organizations could be more suited on the ground that Some martial arts were never “ martial ” in this meaning of being employed or created by professional warriors.